Reform Beauty Founder, Ryan FitzGerald

The Problem
In The Beauty Industry

We began this journey with a singular goal; to create the highest quality hair products on the market. In doing so, we came to the frightening realization that the beauty industry is decades behind when it comes to safety regulations and that there are literally thousands of toxic chemicals being used in everyday products.

styling-creme on leaf

The Best
of Both Worlds

We decided that the need to choose between Luxe-quality performance and potentially harmful ingredients was simply unacceptable. This realization reshaped our goals and gave us an additional social purpose. We challenged ourselves to create the best of both worlds; high-performance as well as toxin-free. This combination is something we’re proud to call Clean Beauty, and we’re extremely proud of the results.

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Better Products
Formulated for You

It’s up to all of us to do everything we can to connect people with better information, better products, and better engagement on the issues that really matter. We cannot sit idly and wait for others to improve the status quo. The time is now and wellness for all is the mission.

Healthy hair is beautiful hair
and healthy hair starts from within.

Ryan FitzGerald

Founder & CEO