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Reform Beauty Blog - What Is Clean Beauty?

The “clean” movement has been around for years and it’s only getting stronger. More people have access to locally grown, natural, non-processed foods. Our kids are eating better, and every day we see more people engaging in healthy habits like exercise and meditation. Great - but there is still something missing. 


For us, clean beauty means eliminating toxic and potentially harmful ingredients from all of our formulations. We decided that the need to choose between Luxe-quality performance and potentially harmful ingredients was simply unacceptable. This realization reshaped our goals and gave us an additional social purpose. We challenged ourselves to create the best of both worlds; high-performance as well as toxin-free.

We use the “No-Low” List standards and exclude ingredients such as: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, coal tar and about 1,500 others.


For decades we have known that certain chemicals have been linked to serious health problems like allergies, reproductive problems and cancer. The personal care industry continues to be grossly unregulated allowing companies to make claims such as: natural, green & eco-friendly when they have no real data backing them. Furthermore, there has not been a major federal law passed to regulate the safety of ingredients since 1938.


Consumers are leading the change by educating themselves on ingredients and companies are changing the way they formulate products.

More than 1,300 chemicals have been banned in the European Union, while the potency level of 250 more has been greatly restricted. The United States is catching up, but to date has only partially banned 11 chemicals in personal care products.

We truly believe that you don't have to choose between natural and effective when it comes at the expense of your health or our planet. Be well.


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