Sulfate Free Shampoo for Natural Hair

Sulfate free shampoo natural hair


If you’re transitioning to natural hair, or thinking of transitioning then choosing the best products to help you through. Finding the best sulfate free shampoo for natural hair is a first step in a sometimes challenging journey.

Natural hair is hair whose texture hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers. Pressed hair may still be considered natural because once washed, the texture usually returns to its unaltered state (as long as no heat damage has occurred). Natural hair comes in many shapes and styles. But in general, natural hair usually ranges from wavy to kinky-coily, with a wide range of variation between the two.

Natural hair tends to be drier to the touch than other hair textures and fragile. It’s nearly impossible to over-condition and due to it’s delicate texture needs to be handled with care. This is also the reason sulfate free shampoos are advisable for natural curls.

Sulfates are additives that is basically a foaming agent and can strip hair of essential oils and be an irritant to your skin and have been linked to other more serious health issues around which there is much debate. Whichever side you lean towards is your choice, but they are an unnecessary additive and if there a chance they're toxic...well that's up to you. 

For natural hair and it’s sensitive nature it’s best to avoid anything that strips it of oil and irritates the skin. In the transition phase natural hair can be very weak and break at where the natural hair meets the treated hair. This juncture can be very fragile.

We suggest using a combination of Reform Beauty’s Sulfate free Repair shampoos and conditioners and treating it as much as you like with Reform hair oil and treatment masque. They will help your hair feel great, provide UV protection and hydrate and strengthen your natural hair.

How you wear your hair should be no one's decision but your own. If you want natural hair, it may take some work, but you can rock it.

Be Well.


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