Paraben Free Shampoo for Straight Hair

paraben free shampoo for straight hair

Straight hair is something that almost all girls secretly wish for. Curls are great, but can be such a pain to deal with on a daily basis. Straight hair is just so much easier to manage as long as you take care of it properly. These days it’s easier than ever to find high performing, clean paraben free shampoos and products.

Did you know that most shampoos on the market today contain toxins that have been linked to serious health problems? If you’re assuming that all products on store shelves are safe clean beauty paraben free shampoos, you’d be greatly mistaken...or at least mislead by unscrupulous marketing.

Straight hair, while being so sought after, has some of it’s own issues. Staying up in an up-do, lack of volume and tangles are a couple complaints that we hear all the time. The grass is always greener on the other side right!? Well luckily there are some great clean paraben free products that can detangle and add volume and keep you looking your best.  

When formulating the each of the products it’s a arduous task to find preservatives that protect from bacteria growth without traditional parabens. Our Reform R&D engineers were challenged with the task of developing high-performing, lux-quality products while replacing those preservatives and harsh chemicals found other high-performing hair care products that litter the market. After much research, many reformulations and testing, they succeeded.

And, our engineers didn’t simply stop after successfully developing a single formulation for a hair shampoo and conditioner. Using highly-specific safe ingredients and ultra-precise measurements, the engineers developed variations of products to meet the diverse range hair types of both women and men.

With so little regulation, especially in the United States, many products that claim to be toxin free are simply do not meet the Clean Beauty standards nor are they good for our bodies. Parabens have been used as preservatives since the 1950’s. Unfortunately, in recent years they have been linked to certain forms of breast cancers and hormonal disruption.

Many companies will exploit this lack of regulation and continue to use sulfates and parabens among other chemicals that the European Union has already put on their banned substance list. Thought the findings are still being disputed by certain groups, at Reform we think the “safe not sorry” option is best when we created our completely clean, paraben free shampoo.

No matter if you have stick straight or curly twisty hair there are products that can help keep it healthy and looking beautiful. The grass doesn’t have to be greener girls! Look your best and feel great about what you’re putting onto your body. You’re beautiful.

Be Well.

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