Healthy Hair Tips

Shampoo... Conditioner... masques... spritz.... styiling... products... organic... ahhhhhh! Sometimes there's just so many things to pay attention to when we're trying to take care of our hair that we overlook some very simple, yet very obvious ones.

With all the focus on the hair itself and how we treat it on the outside, sometimes we forget to treat it from the inside. Healthy hair, like all parts of the body, starts from the inside. 

The strength and shine of our hair can be directly correlated to the foods and menerals that we consume. Basically, a healthy diet is the first step to healthy hair. Here are a few tips that you may have overlooked while getting your latest treatment.

1. Hydrate!!!j Water is life. It's the same for hair life (is that a thing?). Water is the essential element needed for healthy cell growth in our bodies and although our actual hair is not alive, our hair follicles are and they need water to thrive. If we don’t drink enough water, our hair follicles can dehydrate causing lower cell production, so it’s best to drink water for our overall, healthy cell production.

2. You can boost your hair growth with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are the best way to support hair growth. Fillers and additives can often be harmful. But, even if they aren’t, you don’t want them in your diet if they're not necessary. They take the space of nutrients that could actually help you. On the other hand, natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients will give you a ton of benefits. They are healthy, non-synthetic ingredients, directly derived from plants. Nature can grow by itself, it doesn’t need us. Its nutrients can help your hair do the same.

3. No matter what you do and how you eat—apart from only eating vegetables you grow, and animals you breed—you need vitamins and nutrients supplementation. Your food might be nutrients-rich, the free-radicals constant attacks drain your body of those benefits. A formula rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals will nourish your hair and improve its health.

Bonus:  Over washing our hair strips it of its natural oils and can cause it to dry out, especially for curly hair. When you do wash it’s best to use sulfate-free shampoo, and for those with curly hair try not to wash your hair more than twice a week. Fine hair may need more frequent washing along with athletes who sweat a lot, no matter what their hair type. It’s not always comfortable, but we should all rinse our hair in cool water to close up the hair follicles.

Eat well. Be Well.

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