Clean Beauty Tips for Great Hair

We asked some of our stylists to dish on some of their secrets about what women with fantastic hair do daily and here is a list of their top tips for Clean Beauty great hair. 

1. Avoid heat styling as much as possible. 

But let's be honest, you have to use them sometimes. Our stylists reccomend steam rollers, which are gentle on the hair and do not get overly warm, as they're heated solely by steam passing through the foam on the roller. But if you absolutely have to use hot tools (blow dryers, curling irons, wands, flat irons, hot rollers) to style your hair, always use products that offer heat protection. 

2. Keep it clean. 

We're sure you've heard a lot about the No-Poo movement (basically not shampooing your hair to preserve your natural oils), but our stylists urge you to listen to your hair. "As long as women are using , they can benefit from more frequent washing," Jenn from Cortello salon says. "It reduces split ends, provides great moisture, and gives hair an overall clean and shiny look."

3. Eat the right foods.

For all the attention we pay to the hair follicle once it leaves the scalp, half the battle for beautiful hair is already lost (or won) by what you're putting in your body every day. What you eat plays a huge role in gloss, growth, and volume. 

A diet rich in iron, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, and protein will help stimulate your hair follicles for growth. We recommend alternating between lean red meat, chicken, and fish during the week for optimum hair health.

4. Trim it up.

You might be tempted to skip seasonal trims when growing out your hair, but to add healthy length, you actually need to do just the opposite. One of our senior colorist and educator stands firm that a haircut every six to eight weeks is necessary to prevent split ends from forming as the hair cuticle splits.

"When the split goes up the hair shaft, it becomes so thin that it breaks — that's when people get breakage." And once your hair splits, there's no way to repair it, so keep it trimmed to prevent harmful breakage before it starts.

5. Avoid harsh chemicals.

This seems pretty obvious but many people still don't realize that many hair products contain ingredients that are actually toxic. Always use Clean Beauty products that don't contain harsh chemicals that can actually damage your hair and your overall well being. 

Be Well.


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