Clean Beauty Difference vs. Organic and Natural Shampoo and Conditioners


"What's the difference between "Organic" shampoos, or "Natural" conditioners or "Clean" products? This question seems to be on everyones mind these days. I get asked all the time lately about what we’re doing at Re•form Beauty, and how is it different from the brands that are already out there.

Well here’s the quick 30 second version of my answer;

In the beginning we simply wanted to create products that could challenge the brands that we felt were the best in the industry. We essentially picked individual products that we felt were the absolute highest quality from our favorite brands and tried to recreate those under our label. (Side note: We are salon owners and stylists ourselves, so we felt that we had a very in-depth knowledge of the industry.)

Then something happened. Upon really diving into the ingredients and formulations of our favorite products we had a shocking realization- many of the ingredients that are in those products have been linked to health issues like cancer, hormonal and fertility problems among many others. When you begin to research it, it’s actually amazing to learn how little regulation there is in the beauty industry and how bad products can actually be for us.

We decided that we wouldn’t feel right just doing the bare minimum simply because there aren’t strict enough rules regulating the industry. We’re in the business of making people beautiful...NOT ILL.

We decided to continue to reformulate, reformulate and reformulate (guess where our name came from LOL) until we were able to find Clean Beauty ingredients to replace all of their toxic counterparts. It wasn’t easy to create clean products without sacrificing quality and staying true to our initial goal of competing with the elite brands on a performance level. But that’s exactly what we’ve done. We cracked the code.

We’re really proud of the work we’ve put in and what we’ve been able to create. We believe that we’ve created a product that rivals the big brands on quality AND is non-toxic. I’m really proud of that. And, personally, I’m even more proud that I can recommend Re•form to clients and their families and I know that I’m not only recommending quality products but Clean products as well.

Be Well.

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