Clean Sulfate Free Shampoo for Straight Hair

best clean sulfate free shampoo straight hair

Straight hair has been a popular look for decades, made famous by people such as Rachel Green in the show “Friends” or Kim Kardashian. The hair care industry is going through a self awareness movement and now more than ever women with straight hair are looking for sulfate free shampoos to keep their straight locks healthy and drying out. People are beginning to realize that many traditional ingredients like sulfates are not necessary and can irritante you in more ways than just giving you frizzy hair.

Sulfates are detergents that can dry strip the natural oils out of both your hair and your scalp leaving you straight hair looking limp and lifeless. Sulfates are unnecessary and sadly found in the majority of over the counter shampoos. Luckily there are brands like Reform Beauty who’ve created entire lines of clean, toxin free, sulfate free hair care products.

Whether you want sleek hair, or already have it and aren’t as enthused as the straight-hair wannabes might think, there are a few things you should know about  to make this smooth hair type work. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you out.

People with fine, straight hair are often frustrated by their inability to hold a curl or stay in an updo. Sulfate free volume shampoos can help give straight hair a nice boost without drying it out. We also suggest a toxin free wax like this one from Reform Beauty to help get some hold and lift without added weight.Talk to your stylist about this product that will hold your hair in place without weighing it down, and watch your hairdo take off.

Whether your hair is naturally straight or artistically achieved, one of the main drawbacks is a flat-scalp look. Give your hair a boost by massaging some mousse, curly creme ( a personal fav) into the roots while your hair is wet and letting it air dry. Once it’s dried you’ll find that it has more volume.

Got some ideas to pull off your ideal straight hair style now? Awesome … now it’s time to speak to an expert about getting the job done and how to do so with clean, sulfate free products.

Be Well.

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