Clean Beauty Sulfate Free Hair Oil

clean beauty sulfate free hair oil

Hair oil represents different things to different hair types. People who want paraben and sulfate free hair oil can have a tough time finding an oil that is light and won’t weigh down their hair. People use hair oils for many reasons. Many want hair oil to smooth fly-aways, hydrate or help their color from fading. No matter your reason for looking for a hair oil, you should make sure that it’s sulfate free.

Sulfates are detergents that can dry strip the natural oils out of both your hair and your scalp leaving you straight hair looking limp and lifeless. Sulfates are unnecessary and sadly found in the majority of over the counter shampoos. Luckily there are brands like Reform Beauty who’ve created entire lines of clean, toxin free, sulfate free hair care products. Reform Beauty’s hair oil is a paraben and sulfate free, color-safe restorative oil designed with Moringa and Camellia oils to restore and UV protectant to help color from fading. It’s a great way to extend the life of color treatments without weighing down your hair.

That said, there are other qualities in addition to sulfate free that you should look for when looking for the right hair oil. A good hair oil should be lightweight. No hair type wants to look like they’ve slathered Vaseline on their mane. UV and heat protection are always a plus, especially for color treated hair or if you use heat tools to style your hair. Moringa and Camellia oils are great ingredients to restore and hydrate as well as smooth frizz.

Many people assume that hair oil will make their hair look oily and weigh it down. That can sometimes be the case, but with the right product, like Reform’s sulfate and paraben free hair oil, you’ll find that it’s a must have addition to your beauty regimine. Pro-tip: it’s a great pre-shampoo and overnight treatment as well! Enjoy.

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