Clean Beauty Sulfate Free Hair Conditioner

best clean sulfate free conditioner

If you want the best hair conditioner for the health of your hair and body, you need clean beauty sulfate free hair conditioner from Reform Beauty.

We’ve all used shampoos and conditioners from major brands. Their beautiful packaging and clever marketing campaigns make us think we need these products.

While these pretty packaged, awesome smelling shampoos and conditioners promise to do magic on our hair, they really aren’t the best for the overall health of our bodies do to the chemicals in their formulas.

One particular chemical found in many hair conditioner products are called sulfates. Sulfates are used in haircare products because they are, in fact, great at removing dirt and oil from hair and the scalp. However, these products are not particularly friendly to your scalp and skin.

You will immediately know your hair conditioner is not sulfate free if you see names like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate or their abbreviated names “SLS” or “ALS” on the ingredient labels.

Shampoos and conditioners with sulfates are considered safe when applied and immediately rinsed. But contact with the scalp or skin for just a few minutes can lead to serious skin irritation, dryness and itching for many people. That’s why clean beauty sulfate free hair conditioners are the way to go.

So if sulfates are harmful to some people, why do big brands include these chemicals in their formulations? Well, because they work. And, there is currently no regulation in the United States against using sulfates.

As of early 2018, the European Union has banned over one thousand harmful chemicals from product formulations. The United States, on the other had, has only banned eleven.

Thankfully, Americans are becoming more health conscious and there has been an increased interest and demand for products that are safer for overall health.

While more chemicals, including sulfates, are likely to be banned in the future, there’s no telling exactly when these changes will take place.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until that happens. Reform Beauty offers an entire line of clean beauty products including sulfate free hair conditioners.

Learn more about Reform Beauty now.

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