Clean Color Safe Shampoo

Did you realize that many products that claim to be “Natural” or “Organic” have been linked to serious health problems? With so little regulation, especially in the United States, many products that claim to be toxin free are simply do not meet the Clean Beauty standards nor are they good for our bodies. So how do you find a Clean Beauty, color safe shampoo confidently??

Certain chemicals, like sulfates, have been popularized in beauty products for decades and used only because they made the foamy shampoos that we’ve been told work best. In reality the foam is unnecessary and mostly for marketing. The truth is that many of the most used chemicals have now been linked to health problems stretching from allergic reactions to more serious illnesses like cancer.

There hasn’t been a regulatory law for the cosmetic industry passed in the U.S. since 1938! Additionally there are more than 1300 chemicals banned by the European Union for use in beauty products, while the U.S. has only 11 banned for personal use products.

Unfortunately due to this lack of regulation of harmful chemicals in the U.S., there are very few companies in the U.S. that produce 100% toxin-free beauty products. At Re-form, we believe that our bodies deserve better. That’s why we formulated our Clean beauty, color safe shampoo using the highest quality standards and only non-toxic ingredients.

When formulating the clean beauty, color safe shampoo our Reform R&D engineers were challenged with the task of developing salon quality performance, with the color safe properties that our stylist partners demanded without using any of the potentially harmful ingredients normally associated with building a color safe shampoo. After multiple reformulations and testing and retesting, they succeeded.

And, our engineers didn’t simply stop after successfully developing a single formulation for a Clean Beauty, color safe hair shampoo. Using highly-specific ingredients and ultra-precise measurements, the engineers developed variations of products to meet the diverse range hair types of both women and men.  Reform has created formulations with ingredients that fits all hair types and desired results. The Reform product line consists of color safe shampoos, conditioners and treatments for:

  • Smoothing
  • Volumizing
  • Repair

Re-form is proud to be an industry pioneer for clean beauty. If you want the best color safe, hair care product that is not only healthy for your hair, but also your whole body, you’ve come to the right place. You no longer have to sacrifice your health for beauty.

Be Well.

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