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Did you know that most conditioners on the market today contain toxins that have been linked to serious health problems? If you’re assuming that all products can be claim to be clean beauty paraben free conditioners, you’d be greatly mistaken...or at least mislead by unscrupulous marketing. At Reform we believe in “safety over source.” That is to say that with salon quality as the benchmark, we’ll use whichever ingredient, be it organic, natural or synthetic, that is the safest for your body. It’s that simple.

With very  little regulation, especially in the United States, (the EU bans over 1300 vs. the US’s 11!!) many products that claim to be toxin free simply do not meet Reform’s Clean Beauty standards. Parabens have been used as preservatives since the 1950’s. Unfortunately, in recent years they have been linked to certain forms of breast cancers and hormonal disruption. Many companies exploit this lack of regulation and continue to use sulfates and parabens among other chemicals that the European Union has already put on their banned substance list. Though the findings are still being disputed by certain groups, at Reform we think the “safe not sorry” option is best when we formulate our completely clean, paraben free shampoos and conditioners.

When formulating each clean beauty product, it’s a arduous task to find preservatives that protect from bacteria growth without using traditional parabens. Our Reform R&D engineers were challenged with the task of developing high-performing, lux-quality products while replacing those parabens and harsh chemicals found other high-performing hair care products.. After much research, many reformulations and testing through our partner stylists...they succeeded.

 And, our engineers didn’t simply stop after successfully developing a single formulation for a single hair shampoo and conditioner. Using highly-specific safe ingredients and ultra-precise measurements, the engineers developed variations of products to meet the diverse range hair types of both women and men.

Now with an entire line of clean beauty products are paraben free , Reform beauty is hoping to reshape the way you think of high performance conditioner and hair care products. You should expect more! Reform beauty is healthy choice for both women and men for virtually every hair type.  The Reform product line consists shampoos, conditioners and treatments for:

Re-form is proud to be an industry pioneer for clean beauty hair care styling and treatment products. If you want the best hair care product that is not only healthy for your hair, but also your whole body, you’ve got to get Re-form. You no longer have to choose between great hair and great health. Join the Reform revolution.

Be Well.

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