Clean Beauty Non-Toxic Products for Straight Hair


Let’s talk about straight hair. We all want the best clean, non-toxic products for our straight hair, but do we really understand how to really care for straight hair? All hair types have different pros and cons and addressing the specific ones for specific hair types is the best way to really understand how to best take care of your straight hair and get that look that you desire.

Some common straight hair concerns include limp locks, flyaways, tangles and frizz. Flyaways can occur when straight hair isn’t properly hydrated. Dry hair can be a product of environment, low quality products, or even poor nutrition like lack of water intake. Luckily, at Reform there a number of clean beauty, always non-toxic, products that will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

Because natural oils collect more easily in straight hair, you run into the problem of having greasing-looking roots if you go without shampooing. Between washes, use a dry shampoo to refresh your roots and add volume to flat hair. Additionally a good volume shampoo can help add that extra oomph to flat hair.

Remember not to overcompensate. Rather than using more products, find ones that incorporate multiple benefits into one bottle. Also, select products that contain clean, non-toxic ingredients and give your hair a healthy boost without sticky residue that can weigh down the hair over time.

Tangles are another common straight hair issue, especially when the hair is left wet. A clean leave-in or treatment masque can help to alleviate this problem and help your straight hair stay knot free. Remember to give your straight hair the extra TLC it needs especially as it adjusts to seasonal elements. Summer sun can really stress straight hair so be sure to focus on what works best for your specific hair type.

Be Well.

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