Clean Beauty Hair Products

Clean Beauty is about safety over sourcing. We formulate every Reform clean beauty hair product with only clean, toxin-free ingredients and we use the best performing, safest ingredients available. We don't settle for anything less than the highest performance.

Why Clean Beauty Hair Products?

Because if you think government or the FDA is regulating beauty products or looking out for your health, you’d be seriously mistaken. The last regulatory law passed in the US concerning personal care products was passed in 1938!! That’s not a typo...19 freaking 38. Even more shocking is that the European Union (EU) has banned over 1300 ingredients from personal care products that they’ve found are linked to serious health issues like breast cancer and hormonal disruption. That’s not what’s so shocking. What’s shocking is that the US has banned...wait for it….eleven. ONLY ELEVEN!! The majority of the beauty products available over the counter in the US would be illegal to sell in the EU. ...Mind officially blown.

Clean beauty means eliminating toxic and potentially harmful ingredients from all formulations. Reform was created because we decided that the need to choose between Luxe-quality performance and potentially harmful ingredients was simply unacceptable. No one should have to sacrifice their health for quality beauty products.

The clean beauty movement is much like the recent social  awakening in the food industry. People eventually opened their minds and realized that chemicals being put into animals and onto plants were having harmful effects over time on the people who ingested them. The same logic can be applied to clean beauty hair products. What goes on your body goes in your body.

Choose clean beauty hair products and help be a change agent for the whole world. By making healthy choices with the products you purchase you cast a vote with your payments. You can help to shift the entire industry towards healthier, safer alternatives.

Be Well.

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