Clean, Non-Toxic Products for Frizzy Hair


clean non-toxic frizz hair treatment

If you have frizzy hair and are looking for the best non-toxic treatment for frizzy hair you know the struggle is real. Luckily, there are ways to combat the frizz without resorting to toxic hair products. Frizzy hair is defined as ‘tight wispy curls’, but it is also hair that has gone out of shape, has lost its smoothness and sticks up in “wisps”. “Wisps” makes it sound like something nice and cute, but we know the dark truth; frizz is not your friend. That's why knowing how frizz is created is fundamental in creating clean products that treat the root causes. Let’s learn what we can do to have more style and less frizz!



When wet or damp, hair expands, stretches and changes its protein bonds temporarily. This is why your hair sets into a desired style when you apply heat. Where you go throughout the day affects how much frizz your hair will have. Hairs tendency to adjust it’s protein bonds is exactly why your hair will revert back to its natural configuration as soon as it’s touched by humidity. Basically throughout the day you will most likely put your hair through a number of different environments that will cause your hair to reshape, often multiple times throughout the day... which may lead to a frizz onset.


The propensity for frizzy hair is partly unavoidable as no one’s hair is all exactly the same length due to the basic hair growth fact that not all hair grows at the same rate, or exactly the same shape – so it has the tendency to stick out in different places. Some hairs also may be curlier, wavier or wispier than others which will vary from person to person.

Additionally, breakage caused by over-brushing and rough handling can further contribute to hair that is of different lengths and therefore susceptible to frizziness. Unfortunately, the longer your hair is, the more prone it is to snapping adding to the frizz factor.



If your hair sticks out in odd places, use a smoothing product like Reform's clean, toxin-free Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner to tame your hair and temporarily smooth unruly wisps.


Hair that is broken and dry is more prone to looking frizzy. Hydrate your hair with a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment like our Treatment Masque or Hair Oil to discourage breakage and smooth your hairs’ cuticles. A daily protective spray like Wave Spray will also help shield your hair from daily environmental weathering and damage.

Be Well.

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