Clean Beauty Color Enhancing Hair Oil

There are some great clean, color enhancing hair oils that will punch up your locks so that you don’t have to involve damaging dyes or chemicals. This super simple, clean hair oils from Reform Beauty will help to revive the hair's pigment, shine, and tone without causing a permanent change to your hair. So, if you're in-between hair colorings, don't reach for the phone just yet. Instead, be your own colorist by boosting your own shade at home.

The “Clean” part is important. The idea of clean beauty is simple. Clean Beauty is about safety over sourcing. It’s formulated with only clean, toxin-free ingredients using only the best performing, safest ingredients available. So, obviously I suggest choosing clean, healthy ingredients over their less healthy alternatives. That just seems like good advice to me.

As someone who is constantly dealing with fading hair color, I can understand how hard it can be to keep hair color looking fresh and vibrant. However, this hair oil has been one of the solutions that has been a saving grace for my hair as well as my bank account. Having less expensive hair reviving solutions is perfect for those of us who want flawless hair without sacrificing too much of our time or money.

Adding a few drops of the hair oil both before and after a shower and massaging it into your hair from the tips towards the scalp can really extend and enhance your color, not to mention make it feel, smell and look luxurious. This has become a ritual for me and something you can easily do to punch up your own hair color. And the added benefit of knowing that it’s such a quality, toxin-free product just makes me love it even more.

Give the Reform hair oil a try and see for yourself how it’s a game changer for color treated hair. Your stylist will compliment you .Stay beautiful.

Be Well.

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